Navigating the skincare industry and its endless list of products is dizzying to the average consumer.

Influenced by marketing claims, consumers again purchase products they do not need or products that don’t fulfill their expectations.

We understand why you’re overwhelmed and exhausted with your skin needs.

But, please take a deep breath; Argana is here to clarify them.

In 2016, we started Argana to make your daily skincare routine simple yet effective.

And we do this through our superstar ingredient, ARGAN OIL, which has only been privy to the unique Berber tribe in Morocco for centuries by providing excellent benefits for body treatments.

Thus, make it an ideal choice of base ingredient for all our beauty products to transform your beauty routine.

Empowered by our closest friends and family through crowdfunding, support through social media, we grew far beyond our Accra home.

We have become a global community that raises beauty standards by partnering with a family-run Argan oil producer in Morocco.

Inspired by nature, simplicity, and efficiency, our products, sourced directly and made in Morocco, embody this spirit. In other words, made for organic loving, health-conscious, and above all, you who’s daring to redefine beauty…

And with the dream of revitalizing our ultimate mission: making safe organic beauty accessible to you!